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Take the opportunity to show your skills!

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Category: AMATEUR

Salón, Salón Senior and Triple Ace
(Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Available in the styles SALÓN, SALÓN SENIOR and TRIPLE ACE it’s an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself and push your limits in order to achive new levels in your Tango.

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Category: PRO - AM

Styles: Salón, Stage and     Triple Ace

(Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

The chance to dance with a profesional is priceless! This Category is available to SALÓN, STAGE and TRIPLE ACE styles. This is a chance to prove that everything is possible with the right guidance and hard training!

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Category: PRO

Styles: Salón, Stage and
Triple Ace
(Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

If you already have chosen Tango as your way of life and dream of performing with the biggest names of Tango, this is the right opportunity for you! PRO competition is available in SALÓN, STAGE and TRIPLE ACE styles.  The winners will dance side by side with big legends of Tango on the last day of the festival and get a free airline ticket to Buenos Aires! Take this chance and give your best!!!

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You can consider yourself a real milonguero going into this category. Each round will be composed by one song of Traditional Tango, one Milonga song and one song of Tango Vals. The main criteria for this category is versatility, musicality and connection.

Category: OPEN

Style: Jack & Jill
(Sunday only)

No partner, no problem! Let the adrenaline boost you in this category. Competitors in this category will be randomly assigned through a raffle at the moment of the competition, without prior rehearsal. All elements of Tango are allowed, and the judges will consider connection, style, technique, elegance, cadence, and musicality.

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Category: OPEN

Style: Adagio & Variation
(Saturday and Sunday)

Introducing the newest category to the LVTF championship: "Adagio & Variation"!

We invite dancers from all around to explore the beauty and depth of movement in this captivating category.

In "Adagio & Variation," participants will have the opportunity to express themselves through the delicate movements of the slow parts of the songs, as well as the intricate and sharp moves that involve variations.

A maximum of 10 adagios and 10 variations will be offered to the competitors to build the performances. Technique, creativity, precision and dynamic will be considered in this category. The list can be found in this link: [link to the list]

Join us as we celebrate the elegance and creativity of dance in the "Adagio & Variation" category at the LVTF championship. Unleash your passion, push your boundaries, and leave a lasting impression on the dance world.

Dare to dance differently. Embrace the artistry. Join us in the "Adagio & Variation" category at the LVTF championship!

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