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DJ El Loco

I have been dancing tango since 2011 in Daejeon, South Korea, and djing since 2012. I am regularly invited to work with most of the significant milongas in South Korea and DJs at several big scales of tango events in South Korea and Asia until I moved to the United States.

Since I moved to the United States in 2022, I have been a DJ at the various milongas in San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.


The main role of my tango djing is to invite people to the floor to make people feel they want to keep dancing with each other whether they are dancing or sitting. For that, I try to keep reading their mood of them.


I mainly play Golden Age tunes, but also play some of the songs in Guardia Vieja and post-Golden Age to bring freshness to the people to bring freshness to the floor.



- Started dancing tango (2011)

- Started tango DJing (2012)

- DJs at major milongas in various cities in South Korea including Seoul and Busan (2012-2022)

- Moved to the United States San Francisco Bay Area and have been DJing at various milonga in Bay Area and Los Angeles (2022- )

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