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Miguel Ángel Zotto & Daiana Guspero

Miguel Angel Zotto was born 1958 in Buenos Aires and he grew up listening tango with his grandfather and his father (actor and dancer ). He’s been dancing tango from over 40 years and he is recognized as a real true icon among tangueros. Nowadays he’s the major Argentinian tango representative in the world. He learned Tango from the major tango masters (Rodolfo Dinzel, Antonio Todaro – for Zotto his style is the real tango – Pepito Avellaneda, Juan Carlos Copes e Maria Nieves, Finito Ramon Rivera, Petroleo Virulazo) and he has the merit of having spread it and taught almost in all the continents. In 1991 He won the “Maria Ruanova Award”, the Argentinian Dance most important prize, yearly granted by “Consejo Argentino de la Danza” (that was the first time this award was granted to the tango). Miguel Angel Zotto, undisputed star, considered by the experts of the subject “one of the top three tango dancers of the century” together with Copes and Virulazo. He is a choreographer, dancer, teacher and artistic director of the TangoX2 Company; for thirty years on the international scene, he animates the different nuances of this sensual and poetic dance, with shows, performances and tours all over the world, winning the record for best tango. In 1999 Zotto won the Positano Award, one of the most important dance awards in Italy, and in 2000 he was chosen among the three greatest tango dancers of the century , the only one still on stage and in 2002 he was nominated “Academic “ by the Buenos Aires National Tango Academy. In 1998 Zotto started his own dance company TANGO X 2, the only one tango company worldwide recognized and undisputed brand of guaranty and professionalism. For this company Miguel Angel Zotto has created and choreographed – always supported by the best music ensambles, several tango shows, presented in Canada, United States, Europe, Japan and Latin America. From several years Miguel Angel Zotto with Daiana Guspero is carrying out an intensive didactical activity in Italy and in the most important European cities, both with seminars and workshops and taking part in festivals and tango shows. In October 2012, Miguel A. Zotto opened the Zotto Tango Academy in Milan with his dance partner and beautiful wife Daiana Guspero, the first European Academy dedicated to Argentine Tango. Today Zotto Tango Academy is located in Venice, Verona and Switzerland. Daiana Guspero is one of the most important and internationally well appreciated professional tango dancer and dance teacher of Argentina. She started dancing tango since she was young, after a long Argentine folk dances training. Since 2007 she dances in couple with Miguel Angel Zotto. She has an intense activity as first dancer on the shows of Tango x 2 Company, performing at major festivals and international events and teaching tango master classes, seminars, workshops and courses. Daiana Guspero loves dancing, she is passionate about tango. She is like a poem written by the sensual and delicate flow of her body, both on the stage and on the floor of a milonga. She has a unique expressiveness thanks to her great sensitivity and grace that highlights in the feminine tango scene, made up of subtle shades that can express the nostalgic essence of tango feeling. Daiana Guspero has successfully led her elegance, sensuality and passionate expression at the major theatres of Buenos Aires and on the most prestigious stages of Europe, Asia, Chine and Japan. Since 2012 she founded along with Miguel Angel Zotto the “Zotto Tango Academy”, an European Academy of Argentine Tango based in Milan, where she teaches tango, milonga and vals in addition to Argentine folk dances. In October 2012, Daiana Guspero and her amazing husband Miguel A. Zotto opened the Zotto Tango Academy in Milan: the first European Academy dedicated to Argentine Tango. Today Zotto Tango Academy is located in Venice, Verona and Switzerland.

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