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Ashvin Iyer

Ashvin has had multiple DJ tours of Buenos Aires, playing at the world’s most iconic venues such as Sunderland, Salón Canning, El Beso, Marabú, La Nacionál, Fulgor, Villa Malcolm and Lo De Celia. As of his 4th tour, Ashvin had played at close to 35 Buenos Aires milongas, and multiple times at popular names like Porteño y Bailarín, Balmaceda, Parakultural and Gente Amiga.  In November 2022, Ashvin was interviewed as a DJ by the Buenos Aires Tango radio station La 2x4, FM 92.7.


Ashvin has been DJing for 12 years and his strength is a rhythmic mix. He is as adept at following the crowd as he is leading it. Most often his tandas stand out for being unpredictable and deeply evocative.


Besides DJing in Buenos Aires, Ashvin has played at a wide range of North American tango festivals, played in Canada, and also at festivals in Europe and Mexico. He has been invited at international festivals to give seminars on the art of DJing.


You can view Ashvin’s DJ assignments at

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