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Kate Tango Galaxy

Chicago-born Katherine “Kate” Chan is a multi-talented artist who has toured internationally as a tango teaching, Djing, performing tango and classical music.

Kate grew up in the US, Hong Kong and Malaysia, before moving to London for boarding school, where she studied dance and music. Kate discovered tango while in college studying business, and was soon hooked. Since then, she has traveled extensively to study with some of the world’s top maestros, including Geraldine Rojas and Javier Rodriguez; Natalia Hills and Gabriel Misse; Fabian Peralta and Virginia Pandolfi; Francisco Forquera and Carolina Bonaventura; Johana Copes and Juan Carlos Copes and Sol Cerquides. Since 2010, she has been periodically returning to Buenos Aires to maintain and further her tango skills and expression.

Known for her finely trained musicality. Kate has been DJing internationally since 2015, playing music at events in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, California, Nevada, Florida and Illinois

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